Purple Canaries

Joyce Gould with Jill Gould

About the Goulds

JOYCE is a former self-avowed, career for life business professional whose life purpose was redirected when she and her husband Ed adopted two neurologically impaired siblings—older brother Kevin, and Jill. Drawing on her research predilection and business experience, she advocated tenaciously for her daughter in the face of challenging academic, medical and societal indifference, cynicism and judgment.

JILL is a survivor. Now a young adult, she continues to struggle with managing the at times debilitating and life-threatening acute intermittent porphyria and is ready to share how it can be triggered by everyday activities and “safe” chemicals. She also wants to reveal her most profound challenges of all—emotional and physical bullying from school peers and the adults whose job it is to keep schools safe, and how “experts” devastated her already fragile life.